Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry_lemonadeAre there any two things more quintessentially summer than strawberries and lemonade?  Well, ok, there’s watermelon, tomatoes, blueberries, pale ales, ice cream, not to mention anything grilled.  Fine.  There are other just as ‘summery’ things.  But, right now, there are loads of strawberries at the local farms and my fridge is full of lemonade.  And, really, strawberry season is over so quickly that I need to embrace every sweet juicy berry that I can before I’m back to having to buy them from the grocery store shipped from California (or someplace even further away).  So, while I can, I’m going to make lemonade.  Well, strawberry lemonade.  Well, actually, my kids are still sick and I don’t have time to make lemonade from scratch, so store bought will work just as well.  Here you go, friends.  Easy, refreshing and sure tastes like summer.

Strawberry Lemonade
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 2 medium sized strawberries + 1 to garnish the glass
  • 8 ounces lemonade
  • ice
  1. Remove stems from strawberries and place them in glass (or pitcher if making for a crowd!)
  2. Muddle (fancy word for squish around) the strawberries with a pestle (or spoon or whatever is handy)
  3. Fill glass with ice.
  4. Top off with lemonade
  5. Place a ripe strawberry on the glass rim for garnish